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Energy Conference 2011

The Student Chapter of ASHRAE Presents:

Please contact Kellsey Hall at kellsey.hall@umit.maine.edu or Jonathan Bolduc at jonathan.bolduc@umit.maine.edu if you would like to acquire a copy of the video of the lectures or to donate to the student chapter of ASHRAE.

See the local news piece from WABI TV5 on the Energy Conference at:



ROOM 120 

ROOM 130 

8:20AM to 8:30AM

Opening Remarks (with Dean Dana Humphrey)

8:30AM to 9:10AM

Professor Richard C. Hill, Presentation on His Latest Energy Evaluation for Maine 


9:10AM to 9:50AM 

 Professor Habib J. Dagher, Offshore Wind

Supermarket Refrigeration

9:50AM to 10:30AM

Carroll R. Lee, Maine's Electric History:Past, Present, and Future 

Maine Tidal Power Initiative (MTPI)

10:30AM to 10:45AM

Questions from the audience / Break 

10:45AM to 11:25AM

Dr Thomas Eastler, Fossil Fuel Era and Strategic Resources Issues for Maine

Smart Grid Technologies

11:25AM to 12:05PM

 Christopher P. O'Neil, Mountain Top Wind

 Adam Barker-Hoyt, Heat Pumps: Save Money, Save Energy, Save the Environment

12:05PM to 12:20PM

Questions from the audience 

12:20PM to 1:05PM

Lunch Break 

1:05PM to 1:45PM

Dr George Markowsky, It's Time to Get Serious About Nuclear Power: Mini-Nukes and the Lessons of Chernobyl

Calvin Luther, Bangor Hydro's Smart Grid Technologies 

1:45PM to 2:25PM

James C. LaBrecque, Conservation and Efficiency the Paradox 

2:25PM to   3:05PM

Paul Stanchloff, The Magic of Heat Pumps 


3:05PM to 3:45PM

 Richard Kimball, Tidal Energy


3:45PM to 4:00PM

 Questions from the audience

Student Research Topics Presented at Event:

Smart Grid Technologies: Dynamic Line Rating

Maine Tidal Power Initiative (MTPI)

Harnessing Mane's Wind Energy

NEW Renewable Energy Minors

Event Sponsored By:

975 Stillwater Avenue
Old Town ME, 4468
Tel: (207) 827-6646

Interested in becoming a sponsor and participating in this event? See the energy conference sponsorship attachment at bottom of page.

Contact Kellsey Hall at kellsey.hall@umit.maine.edu or (207) 370-4255

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Andy Arsenault,
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